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Criteria for Admission

Criteria for Admission to City Honors College Preparatory Academy:

Grade Point Average must be a minimum of 3.0 in English, Math, Science and History/Social Science/2.8 G.P.A. with CST Scores above the 50th

  • Attendance rate of ninety-eight percent (98%) excluding illness.
  • Application
  • Report card for last three (3) quarters (Grades,

Attendance and Citizenship must be recorded)

  • Transcript (Standardized Test Scores must be recorded)
  • Letters of recommendation (at least two of the three required letters must be from a teacher of Math, English, Science or History/Social Science)
  • Portfolio of student’s work ( Bring the portfolio to the scheduled interview)
  • Interview (a parent or guardian is required to attend the interview with the student applicant)


  1. Student Expectations:
  2. Expected School wide Learning Results:
  3. Dress Code:
  4. Student ID Cards:
  5. On Task Behavior:
  6. Zero Tolerance:
  7. Cultural Observations:
  8. Registration:
  9. Clearance From School:
  10. Attendance Policy
  11. Graduation Requirements
  12. Elective Courses and Extra-Curricular Activities
  13. Progress Reports and Report Cards
  14. Academic Criteria for Participation
  15. General Policy of Non-Discrimination
  16. Discipline Policy
  17. Close Campus Policy
  18. Sex Education Courses
  19. Media Release