Dress Code

City Honors Dress Code

The goal of having a dress code is to promote safety and to consistently have the main focus at City Honors one of high levels of academic achievement.  Students are expected to dress as required, so that fashion does not interfere with or distract from the educational process. Clothing should be clean and wrinkle free, in good repair, and worn in an appropriate manner. Footwear is required at all times.  This code has been established to promote a productive, safe learning environment free of distractions or disruptions.

Monday through Thursday: "SCHOOL BUSINESS"

Slacks or Pants – only black

Skirts – only Plaid provided by Cambridge – length must be no shorter  than 2 inches above top of knee

Only Cambridge Shorts are acceptable – they must be within 2 inches of the top of knee and/or no longer than 2 inches below top of knee

White collared shirts or blouses – ONLY

Black necktie or short cross tie – ONLY

ALL outerwear:  sweaters, jackets, vests, sweatshirts must have City Honors Logo.  The exceptions are rain or cold weather outer coats.

Closed-toe shoes (NO RED OR BLUE) - ONLY

Casual Fridays: "SCHOOL CASUAL"

City Honors polo shirt or sweatshirt - Grey 

Black Jeans (no holes, rips) or regular dress code slacks/pants ONLY

These DO NOT meet dress code requirements:

Leggings/tights/shorts/athletic wear pants/sweat pants/lounge wear pants/PJ pants

Jeans or jean style pants – of any fabric or color other than Casual Friday exception

Khaki or tan slacks, shorts, jeans

Sheer or Sleeveless blouses/shirts or tee-shirts

Sweatshirts/hoodies/tops with any logos other than City Honors

Colorful shoes – red, purple, green, print, etc.

No flip flops, clogs, thongs

No heels higher than 3 inches